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House Hold Point

Catcher Board (Pack Of 2)

Catcher Board (Pack Of 2)

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Features: Strongly adhesive, odorless, easy to use, safe and sanitary, an ideal product for catching mouse and rat. Safe, sanitary, and non-toxic to humans, without using rat or ultrasonic.  

How to use:

1.Open the board carefully and place it on where rats usually appear. Dispose of it once catching the rat.

2.Put more traps if the place is rat-infested. Fix it on the floor if necessary.

3.For better effect, use it with bait.  

Warm Tips:

1.Avoid exposing the trap under the sunlight or getting touch with water so as to ensure the effect. If touching water, use it after making it dry.

2.If the clothes are stuck by the glue, clean it with diesel oil or cooking oil and then wash it by detergent.

3.In winter, for better effect, please heat it up on the heating pipe before using.   Package include: 5/10 PCS Mouse Sticky Glue Board Size (cm): 17*12, expanded 17*24

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