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Double Sided Window Wiper

Double Sided Window Wiper

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Double Sided Window Wiper

1. Strong, soft and durable detailed brush that unscrews from the handle.

2. Metal parts and long hair will not hurt or scratch your delicate wheels. Make it the safest detailed brush for your car.

3. For cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, RVs, boats, wheels, tires, rims, spokes, engine grilles, exhaust pipes, bumpers, interior, chassis, air vents, all cars, motorcycle small parts and more.

4. Perfect for wet and dry use, this multi-purpose brush is designed to remove dust, crumbs and other small items from wheels, vents, trim, seats and stickers, leaving your beloved car completely clean inside and out.

Name: Multifunctional Glass Cleaning Scraper
Material: Rubber + Sponge
Dimensions: 19*11.5cm/7.48*4.53in Item

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