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Floor Scrub Brush With Adjustable Long Handle

Floor Scrub Brush With Adjustable Long Handle

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Floor Scrub Brush With Adjustable Long Handle:

  • 2-In-1 Functionality:

    • Includes both a brush head and a scraper for effective cleaning.
    • Use the scraper alongside the brush head to swiftly clean floors.
  • Large Brush Head:

    • Features a spacious brush head for covering larger cleaning areas.
    • Ideal for high gaps, floors, sinks, tubs, and toilets with ease.
  • Adjustable Handle:

    • The stainless steel handle is sturdy and detachable.
    • Adjust handle length from 15" to 29.3" and 44.5" for ergonomic cleaning.
    • Perfect for reaching difficult spots without straining your back or knees.
  • Wide Range of Applications:

    • Suitable for scrubbing kitchen and bathroom tiles, walls, showers, and more.
    • Effective on apartments, concrete floors, RV roofs, bathtubs, pools, and patios.
    • Versatile for household and industrial cleaning needs.
  • Brush Head Small Comb:

    • Includes a detachable small comb for cleaning and maintaining bristles.
    • Removes residue and tangles from the brush head to enhance durability.
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