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Fruit Digger & Slicer Knife

Fruit Digger & Slicer Knife

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By Fruit Digger & Slicer Knife Online


  • Welcome to our shop, we aim to create a better home manufacturing environment, our products guarantee 100% new high quality, please feel free to buy!
  • Dual-head multipurpose design, one can dig spherical fruit balls or round ice cream balls, one can peel easily, and the other can do fancy carving.
  • Made of stainless steel, easy to maintain, durable, healthy and safe.
  • Buy it and enjoy the process of making art by yourself with your family.
  • The best DIY fruit plate double cutting tool for auxiliary production and beauty, a corrugated edge carving knife, fancy cutting, stainless steel edge digging ball, a ball can dig fruit, convenient to eat fruit.
  • Type: multipurpose stainless steel fruit spoon
  • Material: stainless steel +PP
  • Length: about 18cm
  • Diameter: about 2.9 cm
  • Color: red, yellow, orange, green
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