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Micro Nano Bristles Toothbrush

Micro Nano Bristles Toothbrush

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Micro Nano Bristles Toothbrush

Ultra Fine Soft Toothbrush Nano Bristle Adult Tooth Brush
Million ultra-fine bristles for effective deep cleaning of teeth.
It is suitable for people with bleeding gums and sensitive gums.
Rinse the brush head with clean water after use to reduce residue.
It adopts environmentally friendly and antibacterial fiber hair, which is environmentally friendly.
This product adopts a super soft bristles design, which can deep clean gums tongues and removes food residue.
This product comes with an anti-slip ergonomic handle design, which can bring you a comfortable grip feeling.
Suitable for bleeding gums and gums. Reusable independent, transparent packaging, hygienic and environmentally friendly, convenient for business trips and travel.
The micro-nano manual soft toothbrush size is suitable for deep cleaning, which is convenient for you and your family to hold. Also, you can take it with you when you go on a business trip,
it will not take too much space in your handbag.

Material: Fiber hair + Plastic handle
Age Group: Adults
Type: Toothbrush
Color: White, Pink, Black, Green

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Micro nano toothbrush

I have used them myself, they are of exceptionally good quality. They clearly every surface eloquently. Far better than conventional toothbrushes.