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Multi Purpose Flexible Cleaning Brush

Multi Purpose Flexible Cleaning Brush

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Multi Purpose Flexible Cleaning Brush

This is a flexible cleaning brush, which is soft and bendable.

This brush can bend, wipe all kinds of dead corners and corners, and it is very convenient to use.

Bristles are made of high-quality raw materials, which are soft and not easily deformed.

The design of the handle is completely suitable for the shape of the hand and the habit of grasping.

The brush head part has been carefully designed, fully considering the surface characteristics of the object to be cleaned, which can help you achieve better cleaning effect comfortably and effectively.

The tail is designed with hanging holes, which can be hung when not in use.

Make your family life better.

It can be used to brush shoes, clothes, kitchen sink and stove, etc.



Size: 18 * 6.8 * 3.8 cm

Weight: 60 grams

Colors: blue, green and pink

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