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Root Comb Applicator Hair Oil & Hair Dyeing Bottle

Root Comb Applicator Hair Oil & Hair Dyeing Bottle

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Buy Root Comb Applicator Hair Oil & Hair Dyeing Bottle Online

Designed with a comb with holes at the end of the comb teeth on the cap, convenient for you to dye your hair!

Dye Oil Comb Bottle leaves no mess and is easy to use. Just comb and squeeze to apply solution; liquid flows through hollow teeth directly to scalp and roots for even distribution. With comb bottle you can apply hair color, conditioning growth oil, hair conditioner, or any other hair treatment solution.
  • They can be as dry cleaning bottle, shampoo bottle, hair dye bottle etc.
  • Simply fill the dye bottle with your pre-mixed hair color and use the pump action handle to get the dye flowing through the comb head
  • The unique design of roots only comb applicator bottle offers you great convenience when you color your hair at home. You never to worry that the dye will be waste with this bottle
  • Their surface is smooth, they dont damage your head or skin.
  • They are made of high quality plastic materials, durable and lightweight.
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