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Pack of 2 Self Adhesive Mesh Drain Cover

Pack of 2 Self Adhesive Mesh Drain Cover

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Pack of 2 Self Adhesive Mesh Drain Cover:

  • High-Quality Material:

    • Made of premium polyurethane material
    • Offers excellent flexibility
    • Fills broken mesh screen windows effectively
    • Minimizes gaps and prevents mosquito intrusion
    • Features strong adhesion and snug fit, reducing chances of falling
  • Fine and Dense Mesh:

    • Mesh tape has a fine and dense structure
    • Small holes effectively block various insects
    • Prevents mosquito disturbance
    • Provides a peaceful sleeping environment
  • Reusable:

    • Patch can be reused multiple times
    • Easily cut into different shapes and sizes
    • Offers versatility and long-term use
  • Package Size:

    • Each mesh patch measures 10 * 10 cm
    • Each patch can be cut into 4 small squares
    • Allows for DIY customization of shapes and patterns
  • Multi-purpose Use:

    • Suitable for most doors, windows, kitchen and bathroom vents
    • Also ideal for door fireplace nets, window screens, fan protection nets, and ventilation safety nets
    • Effectively repairs various holes caused by pet or rodent bites
    • Cost-effective solution for repairs.
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