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House Hold Point

Stick On Hooks (Pack Of 6)

Stick On Hooks (Pack Of 6)

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Pack Of 6

Strong sucker can attach on glass, ceramic brick, stainless steel, smooth metal and so on.

Towel hook, key chain, ornaments and other light widgets.

Great decoration in your bathroom.

1. material: plastic

2. load bearing: 2kg

3. Do not need viscose, firm and durable, can be repeated to use

4. It can be waterproof, oil-proof, dust-proof.

5. Hook diaphragm if accidentally infected with dirt, can use clear water or soft cleanser, and then use dry cold.

6. No glue marks hang clean mural as before.

7. Applies to any smooth surface (such as: glass, ceramic tile, plastic products, metal products, paint walls and wood products).

8. color: transparent

9.Size: 6cm*6cm

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