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Stick On Remote Clips (Pack Of Two Pairs)

Stick On Remote Clips (Pack Of Two Pairs)

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* New and high quality.
* The sticky hook made of plastic, durable and easy to use.
* Consists of two parts, an adhesive part on the wall, anther an adhesive on the back of the remote control.
* Comes with a sticker, can stick strong on the wall.
* Perfect for holding tv remote control, air conditioning remote control, sensors and so on.

Material: ABS

Size: remote control sticky hook 5 * 2.5 * 1cm

Sticky wall hook 3 * 2.5 * 0.7cm

Color: green

Packing: 2 pair (4 pcs) sticky hook


* Do not use on rough walls, whitewashed wall, wallpaper and oily water wall.
* Make sure the wall is clean, dry and free from dust or moisture before gluing the hook.
* Do not immediately hang things on the hook as it can cause viscous instability, it will be easy to fall.
* Best for pressing tight over 10 seconds, to keep sticky solid and hanging things up after 24 hours.
* Do not hang the remote that exceeds 300 grams.

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