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House Hold Point

USB Re Chargeable Flexible Electric Lighter

USB Re Chargeable Flexible Electric Lighter

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USB Re Chargeable Flexible Electric Lighter

  • USB Charging with Large Capacity:

    • Candle lighters feature USB smart charging for multiple uses on a single charge.
    • LED display indicates remaining power for timely recharging.
    • Free from harmful substances found in traditional lighters.
    • IC integrated control module ensures safe and stable performance.
  • Windproof with Plasma Technology:

    • Utilizes flameless plasma technology to withstand strong winds and wet conditions.
    • Operates flawlessly in any weather without emitting flame, gas, or oily smoke.
    • Ideal for outdoor activities such as grilling and camping.
  • Flexible Neck Design:

    • Upgraded version features a 4.5-inch long curved neck.
    • Neck rotates 360 degrees to accommodate various needs.
  • Double Safety Switch Design:

    • Multiple protections include automatic power cutoff if heating time exceeds safe limits.
    • Double switch prevents accidental activation, ensuring safety for children.
    • Long, flexible head allows for safe distance maintenance from the flame.
  • Portable with Humanized Hook Design:

    • Convenient hook design for easy location when needed.
    • Lightweight and compact, ideal for camping, barbecuing, hiking, cooking, and indoor/outdoor activities.
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