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Washing Machine Cleaning Tablets Pack of 12

Washing Machine Cleaning Tablets Pack of 12

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Washing Machine Cleaning Tablets Pack of 12


  • Eliminates the appearance of unpleasant residues in the pipes and folds of the washing machine. Eliminates unpleasant odors by breaking down the source of the problem.
  • Suppresses 99% of bacteria in the wash. Keep the whole family away from bacteria and make your machine look like new.
  • Expert in washing machine cleaning, decontamination of effervescent tablets. Refusal of secondary contamination of clothing.
  • Increases washing efficiency without damaging the washing machine.   

  Instructions: 1. For the first time, put 2-3 effervescent tablets and melt them with warm water and put an old towel or broken clothes into the bucket. 2. Work for about 15 minutes, turn off the power and soak for 4-5 hours or one night. 3. Then turn on the power and clean it once according to the standard daily wash cycle [wash-dry]. If there is a purge function, use the purge function. 4. It is recommended to use 40-60 degrees warm water to stimulate active oxygen, the effect is better.  

Characteristics: Size: 2.6x2.6x1.2cm Quantity of pieces: 12 pieces/box Product shape: tablet Color: Blue Light

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